partisan politics

it just doesn't make sense

enough with partisan politics
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Enough with partisan politics

Conservatism and liberalism are polar opposites, and yet we have people from both these branches leading the world's governments. Extremism of any kind tends to be wrong, and obviously it hasn't helped better society. We need to find common ground based on logic, and in this community we intend to discuss political issues until we find that common ground.

Too many politicians have lost their own free will, and do the will of special interest groups. Bad politicians know no political party; they are everywhere. Point it out. Make people aware.

This community is for the discussion of politics and the hope that logic will win out over any political party. It is intended for people from all areas on the political spectrum, from anywhere in the world. All are welcome, as long as they make posts that are related to politics, and the posts are backed up with logic.

See the first and third entries for more information on why this community was created.

This community is still fairly new and any tips would be very welcome.

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