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The bushin30seconds ads. Very, very amusing, inspiring, rage-inducing, and quality ads. "Child's Pay" (the one that CBS wouldn't air during the Super Bowl) won best overall ad, and it's my second favorite. My absolute favorite is "In My Country," which is the second ad on that page.

(CBS refused to air a simple political ad, but they'll allow a raunchy halftime presentation during the Super Bowl. I'm sorry... the morals are there when it's time to bash the president, but they somehow disappear when it's time to choreograph Justin and Janet's onstage dry sex dance. I'm not even talking about the flash... they freaking had sex with their clothes on on live television, during a time when whole families were gathered around the television watching an "American tradition." Disgusting.)

I watched all the ads tonight, and I'm infuriated. I can't see why more people aren't. I didn't need to watch those ads to know the issues, but those ads just brought it all to the front of my mind.

Which got me thinking... I like to think that I can admit it when I'm wrong. Sometimes I joke my way out of an apology, but I'm sure I at least know in my heart when I'm wrong. I really, really think I've got the correct political view on a lot of issues, and yet so many in this country disagree with me.

Christian foot soldiers battle for Bush.

"Gay men do not live for a long time. They have a lot of disease... It's a moral issue, but also a health issue," says Jim, unconcerned that in the secular world, his views reek of homophobia.

Huh? Straight men and women get AIDS, too. And as far as moral issues go, who said those morals had to be decided on what the bible says? They are NOT supposed to be decided on what Christianity (or any other religion) deems right and wrong.

Are the super-conservative Christians right? Am I wrong?! The homophobia that man expressed in that article horrified me, but is that fear justified? Am I just paranoid, and gay people really are what's wrong with this country?

I think I can admit it when I'm wrong, but when confronted with these right-wing ideals, I am utterly repulsed. Particularly issues with homosexuals. I can see two sides with very valid points, like with issues such as abortion and the death penalty. But I only see one side with gay marriage, and it's definitely for it. Is it me? Is there actually a decent argument against gay marriage and I'm just too stubborn to admit it? I cannot believe that I can understand both sides to an issue and make my decision based on their facts, but on the issue of gay marriage I'm too liberal to admit that it's dirty and wrong.

I don't think I'm wording this properly. I can't get the utter confusion that's in my head onto paper.

Basically, where do Christian go about thinking they have the run of the country? Or, well... they do have the run of the country, and why aren't they being stopped? And why do they think they're right, even though the United States' laws do not have to follow the laws in the bible. In fact, they should be kept far, far apart, according to our Constitution.

I wish we had no allies. If Great Britain and Australia ditched us, maybe Bush would figure things out.

Update:Let me try this again... I am open to an argument against gay marriage. Would someone please give me one?!?!?!
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