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partisan politics [entries|friends|calendar]
enough with partisan politics

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Feel free to promote me... tell a friend or copy and paste the code :) [03 Sep 2006|11:50pm]

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Hello! [18 May 2006|02:22pm]


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want to make sense of this... [12 Aug 2004|02:28pm]

i'm sure you've all heard both claims of a biased 'liberal media' (conservatives) and a biased 'corporate media' (liberals). frankly, i haven't bothered to get into either argument, because i don't know what's fact and what's crap. both sides have been known to distort facts, etc. to further their arguments. so, i just wanted to ask the seemingly logical people in this community: do you feel that one side is correct, or is it all just partisan bullshit?
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New Community! [05 Aug 2004|01:55pm]

Announce your candidacy for President of Live Journal at ljers4president!

Very few community rules, get down and fight for the candidate of your choice!
Dirty deeds, rumors and partisanship rules the day!

Please submit your banner for the userinfo page.

Election Day: October 31st, 2004
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Partisanship [15 Jun 2004|10:47pm]

How does it happen? It really baffles me how people can think like this:

Randi Rhodes can be shrill, and it very often undermines her strengths, but she's no Ann Coultier. Ann Coultier just makes shit up, all the time. She apparently doesn't have any goal other than slander and disinformation. Rhandi, while often being just as venomous, is brilliant at digging up and exposing the shameful things that are happening under the Bush administration. from here.

Randi Rhodes and Ann Coultier are the same people standing under different party flags. How do people become so brainwashed that they can't objectivly see the faults of one and the positive attributes of the other? The idea that one of these extremely similar people is always lying and the other is always seeking the truth with zeal seems to be the type of thing that only a child would think, yet we have a grown adult saying it.

Further the idea that political reality exists contained in a spectrum is silly. Examine this:

Unfortunately the fight between the two sides of the spectrum can turn people off to what the fight is about, as it appears to have done to you.

To simplify economics, social issues, fiscal policy compared to monetary policy compared to hands off vs reactive budgeting, international trade, foreign policy, etc. into a debate of left vs. right or even left vs. center vs. right is beyond glib. Yet this is how the MAJORITY of our country and Europe as well think. Even many people in this community support the spectrum idea.
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My First Post (Finally) [05 May 2004|12:39pm]

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"AUSTIN, Texas, May 05, 2004 (United Press International via COMTEX) -- A Texas high school faces the prospect of a lawsuit because of a policy that bans same-sex couples from attending the prom."

I think that most people from both sides of the political spectrum can see how this discriminates against everyone whatever his or her sexual orientation. Not everyone is "fortunate" to have a date, and even people who are not heterosexual may not be fortunate enough to have a date either. So people would like to go with friends but now they cannot. Everyone loses.

What makes least sense about this situation is that friends are not allowed to attend the prom, but horny heterosexual couples are practically allowed to have sex on the dance floor. Hey, I was in high school once and I saw some interesting stuff at prom...

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[07 Mar 2004|03:57pm]

"No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. "

The 14th Amendment.

So why is there still debate about gay marriage if we already have this^^^?
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[12 Feb 2004|12:10am]

no child left behind?Collapse )
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[05 Feb 2004|10:14pm]

The bushin30seconds ads. Very, very amusing, inspiring, rage-inducing, and quality ads. "Child's Pay" (the one that CBS wouldn't air during the Super Bowl) won best overall ad, and it's my second favorite. My absolute favorite is "In My Country," which is the second ad on that page.

(CBS refused to air a simple political ad, but they'll allow a raunchy halftime presentation during the Super Bowl. I'm sorry... the morals are there when it's time to bash the president, but they somehow disappear when it's time to choreograph Justin and Janet's onstage dry sex dance. I'm not even talking about the flash... they freaking had sex with their clothes on on live television, during a time when whole families were gathered around the television watching an "American tradition." Disgusting.)

I watched all the ads tonight, and I'm infuriated. I can't see why more people aren't. I didn't need to watch those ads to know the issues, but those ads just brought it all to the front of my mind.

Which got me thinking... I like to think that I can admit it when I'm wrong. Sometimes I joke my way out of an apology, but I'm sure I at least know in my heart when I'm wrong. I really, really think I've got the correct political view on a lot of issues, and yet so many in this country disagree with me.

Christian foot soldiers battle for Bush.

"Gay men do not live for a long time. They have a lot of disease... It's a moral issue, but also a health issue," says Jim, unconcerned that in the secular world, his views reek of homophobia.

Huh? Straight men and women get AIDS, too. And as far as moral issues go, who said those morals had to be decided on what the bible says? They are NOT supposed to be decided on what Christianity (or any other religion) deems right and wrong.

Are the super-conservative Christians right? Am I wrong?! The homophobia that man expressed in that article horrified me, but is that fear justified? Am I just paranoid, and gay people really are what's wrong with this country?

I think I can admit it when I'm wrong, but when confronted with these right-wing ideals, I am utterly repulsed. Particularly issues with homosexuals. I can see two sides with very valid points, like with issues such as abortion and the death penalty. But I only see one side with gay marriage, and it's definitely for it. Is it me? Is there actually a decent argument against gay marriage and I'm just too stubborn to admit it? I cannot believe that I can understand both sides to an issue and make my decision based on their facts, but on the issue of gay marriage I'm too liberal to admit that it's dirty and wrong.

I don't think I'm wording this properly. I can't get the utter confusion that's in my head onto paper.

Basically, where do Christian go about thinking they have the run of the country? Or, well... they do have the run of the country, and why aren't they being stopped? And why do they think they're right, even though the United States' laws do not have to follow the laws in the bible. In fact, they should be kept far, far apart, according to our Constitution.

I wish we had no allies. If Great Britain and Australia ditched us, maybe Bush would figure things out.

Update:Let me try this again... I am open to an argument against gay marriage. Would someone please give me one?!?!?!
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Gay Marriage [05 Feb 2004|05:25pm]

I heard on the radio today that George Bush, in the face of some legal decision in Massachuesets or wherever (I didn't quite hear that part), is considering changing the constitution to "protect the sanctity of marriage as a union between a man and a woman"

Personally, FUCK THAT. Marriage is the greatest expression of love and commitment between a couple. I do not believe sex should be a part of the moral definition of what makes a marriage, let alone the legal definition.
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Monument protection bill back in Congress [02 Feb 2004|01:02pm]

"A bill that would shield displays of the Ten Commandments in public places from tort interference has been reintroduced in the U.S. Congress.

U.S. Rep. Robert Aderholt, R-Haleyville, has reintroduced his "Ten Commandments Protection Bill," which would protect state and local authority under the 10th Amendment to display the Ten Commandments in public areas."

Click here for the full article.

What does everyone think of this?
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The Refugee Debate [30 Jan 2004|06:30pm]

I'm not going to tell you anything about the refugee debate here, because what I want to know is how much people from other countries know about the refugee situation in Australia, and what they think of it. I will then look at each comment and say what I think about what they know about the situation, and argue my opinion on the situation.

The reason I'm doing this is we seem to be getting a lot of international criticism about how we are handling our refugees, but I do not feel that our critics have the slightest understanding of the problem.

Also, korgmeister, if I remember correctly you live here. What do you think? It'd be nice to know of another person who shares my viewpoint if you do, but if you don't it'd also be good to hear arguments from the other side.
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[27 Jan 2004|11:10pm]


Why is censorship so prevalent in this country of "free speech?"
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[27 Jan 2004|09:39pm]

I came home from my first day of work this evening to find myself completely indifferent to the results of the NH Primary.

Why are people so confused about/frustrated with political apathy?

I'm normally very interested in politics, and yet I didn't give a second thought to it this evening. (Until just now, of course.)

So many people are in such stressful jobs that they just don't have any sanity to spare for being concerned about politics. Americans are overworked (and it's about to become even moreso with more layoffs, and fewer workers being more productive than ever before.) How can people make such sweeping generalizations about people who aren't interested in politics? For some it just goes over their heads, but a great number of people in this world are worked to the point where they can't afford to be concerned about the politics that are directly affecting their lives.

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[27 Jan 2004|12:27am]

If you have any conservative friends, please ask them to join the community, or possibly add it to their friends list.

I think we have plenty of liberals in this community... we need to balance it out a bit.

Plus I think we're all fairly open-minded and interested in hearing the justification for different political opinions.
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GAY MARRIAGE. [27 Jan 2004|12:17am]

People should be allowed to marry who they love. Straight people marry, though they're not necessarily in love. Why is marriage about men and women instead of about love?

Why is adoption only for two parents of the opposite sex? Shouldn't it be for the couple that is best fit to raise a child, regardless of the sexual orientation of the parents?

Why is it thought that being gay is a choice? I happen to have known a boy to be gay, back when we were too young to know what it was. How could he have chosen to be gay if he didn't know what it was? It certainly wasn't any influence from the outside world... his parents were very conservative and protective of their child.

The reason why I wanted both conservatives and liberals in this group was so that someone could explain to me the conservative/liberal views on some issues. I'm very open to the ideas of others... someone just needs to convince me that they're right. Someone convinced me to be against affirmative action and the new immigration policy (things that liberals usually support,) but on the issue of gay marriage, I am waiting to hear a logical reason to be against it. Anyone?
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State of the Union Address. [22 Jan 2004|03:27pm]

Because this community looks fun, I'll go back on my word and not just lurk with this slightly late topic.

I found the earlier parts to be hilarious, especially the crowd reactions to the patriot act and how a few people started to clap and quickly stopped themselves after this long winded sentence: "The killing has continued in Bali, Jakarta, Casablanca, Riyadh, Mombasa, Jerusalem, Istanbul, and Baghdad."

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Brief little entry... [18 Jan 2004|10:45pm]

I'd just like to say that what I meant by encouraging diversity in here is this: I vote Democratic. This is because most of my political beliefs fall on the left side of the spectrum. However, I wouldn't consider myself a Democrat because some of my beliefs are very much "Republican." I don't think any of my beliefs are moderate... I'm very left, and very right. For example, I am strongly pro-choice, and strongly against affirmative action. One of those things is considered a liberal way of thinking, and the other conservative. So basically my political beliefs are all over the place, but it's because those are things that make the most sense, not beliefs that follow the thinking of a one-size-fits-all political party. I want people in this community who are both liberal and conservative, as long as they have come to their conclusions logically.

Also, here is an article I read recently that sorta backs up/is a continuation of what was covered in the first entry in this community.

And some topics I'm looking forward to writing about in the coming days/weeks:

-U.S. immigration policy
-Gun control
-Affirmative action
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[10 Jan 2004|12:49am]

what do you think about bush sending people to the moon and mars? i think space exploaration is important, but i would rather the money be spent on education or health care.
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First post [09 Jan 2004|03:43pm]

This community was started one night after I became particularly frustrated with the state of my country's political system. I read an article on Bush's space exploration proposal, wrote a nice, long post... one thing led to the other, and this community was born. I have high hopes for it as I'm sure quite a few people in the world are becoming very sick of partisan politics and the politicians who "represent" us.

The main point of this community is to bring together people of both conservative and liberal backgrounds to form a set of political ideals that are just logical. Enough with partisan politics! It is time that we stop messing around and start making sense of it all.

Anyway, behind the lj cut are portions of the entry of mine that sparked all this. enjoy!Collapse )
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