love is eternal (pinkpuffyfluff) wrote in thelogicalparty,
love is eternal

Brief little entry...

I'd just like to say that what I meant by encouraging diversity in here is this: I vote Democratic. This is because most of my political beliefs fall on the left side of the spectrum. However, I wouldn't consider myself a Democrat because some of my beliefs are very much "Republican." I don't think any of my beliefs are moderate... I'm very left, and very right. For example, I am strongly pro-choice, and strongly against affirmative action. One of those things is considered a liberal way of thinking, and the other conservative. So basically my political beliefs are all over the place, but it's because those are things that make the most sense, not beliefs that follow the thinking of a one-size-fits-all political party. I want people in this community who are both liberal and conservative, as long as they have come to their conclusions logically.

Also, here is an article I read recently that sorta backs up/is a continuation of what was covered in the first entry in this community.

And some topics I'm looking forward to writing about in the coming days/weeks:

-U.S. immigration policy
-Gun control
-Affirmative action
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