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This community was started one night after I became particularly frustrated with the state of my country's political system. I read an article on Bush's space exploration proposal, wrote a nice, long post... one thing led to the other, and this community was born. I have high hopes for it as I'm sure quite a few people in the world are becoming very sick of partisan politics and the politicians who "represent" us.

The main point of this community is to bring together people of both conservative and liberal backgrounds to form a set of political ideals that are just logical. Enough with partisan politics! It is time that we stop messing around and start making sense of it all.

Anyway, behind the lj cut are portions of the entry of mine that sparked all this.

Take a look at this.

Correspondents say Mr Bush had been expected to propose a bold new space mission as part of his re-election campaign.

That's lovely... so he'll be spending the country's money (that we don't really have) to help get him reelected.

The president's father proposed men be sent to Mars when he was in office in 1989 but the project went nowhere due to cost.

I'm sorry... do we have the money now? Now, space exploration is very, very interesting to me, but I definitely do not think now is the time for such an undertaking. We need to concentrate on this world. Bush needs to concentrate on this country. When our problems are solved, then you can go spend money checking out the rest of the universe. This is not partisan banter; this is logic.

Sources say George W Bush will encourage scientists to prepare for the mission in a decade's time, allowing the costs to be spread over a number of years.

Oh, that's nice... pass the burden on. We don't have the money now and we won't have the money then. I know this simply because the world's (let alone this country's) problems (that can be solved with money) can not be solved by then. If there is money to spend on war and space exploration, why not spend it on education and the like? We're spending enormous amounts of money in foreign countries. But don't bomb them. Feed them. Educate them. And then kill those who don't comply (And complying does not necessarily mean with the U.S.; it means complying with the world's standards.) With less expensive weapons as well.

As part of the Bush space initiative, there will reportedly be more exchanges of technology between NASA and the Pentagon.

This just breaks my heart, and I hope I don't need to explain why. I watched the beginning of 'K-19: The Widowmaker' this afternoon. At the beginning, it noted how the U.S. and Russia had enough nuclear weapons to blow up the earth dozens of times over. (Don't we only need enough weapons to destroy the earth once?) And that was just in 1961. And right, we need more weaponry and military technology. As if we're not already advanced enough to win a war anywhere.

I'm going to be so devastated if Bush is reelected. Not because I'll be personally hurt, but completely ashamed to be an American. At this point I still have hope for this country, but more often I think that the backward-minded leaders are steadily driving this country back into the middle ages. I really can't wait until I'm out of this country. I really can't wait until this November, when I'll be sending my absentee ballot for Dean from Australia.

Have you seen or heard about that Dean-bashing commercial that's been playing in Iowa? It was filled with a bunch of stereotypes that DON'T apply to me, even though I support Dean tremendously. But even if they apply to you, does that make you a bad person? Are you a bad person because you have a piercing on your body somewhere other than your ear? OR BECAUSE YOU DRINK LATTES??? What the FUCK?! I hope this ridiculous stereotyping wakes up some logical Republicans and they vote for Dean instead. This is the most inaccurate political ad I have seen in my entire life and Republicans should be ashamed that they are being represented this way.

I HATE THAT YOU'VE MADE ME HAVE TO SPECIFY WHY I'M PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN. I have to clarify that I hate my government, but love my country. You know, when I was a kid, I was proud to be an American. And that was that. The more politically aware I became, I started to be proud to be an American, but not proud of my government or its actions. And now, I'm on the brink of disliking my country completely because there may be enough idiots in this country to vote to reelect Bush.

The government is fucked up. The people are becoming more backwards-thinking. The national parks and other wildlife areas are just devastated. Children in other countries are better educated than our children. What's left in this country to be enormously proud of? Can you tell me?

What has he done? He has undoubtedly done more damage than any previous president of ours. Is it irreversible, or are we doomed to always be hated because our government's actions make us all look bad?
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