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How does it happen? It really baffles me how people can think like this:

Randi Rhodes can be shrill, and it very often undermines her strengths, but she's no Ann Coultier. Ann Coultier just makes shit up, all the time. She apparently doesn't have any goal other than slander and disinformation. Rhandi, while often being just as venomous, is brilliant at digging up and exposing the shameful things that are happening under the Bush administration. from here.

Randi Rhodes and Ann Coultier are the same people standing under different party flags. How do people become so brainwashed that they can't objectivly see the faults of one and the positive attributes of the other? The idea that one of these extremely similar people is always lying and the other is always seeking the truth with zeal seems to be the type of thing that only a child would think, yet we have a grown adult saying it.

Further the idea that political reality exists contained in a spectrum is silly. Examine this:

Unfortunately the fight between the two sides of the spectrum can turn people off to what the fight is about, as it appears to have done to you.

To simplify economics, social issues, fiscal policy compared to monetary policy compared to hands off vs reactive budgeting, international trade, foreign policy, etc. into a debate of left vs. right or even left vs. center vs. right is beyond glib. Yet this is how the MAJORITY of our country and Europe as well think. Even many people in this community support the spectrum idea.
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