Eyeing off an old doorframe (thekillerinyou) wrote in thelogicalparty,
Eyeing off an old doorframe

The Refugee Debate

I'm not going to tell you anything about the refugee debate here, because what I want to know is how much people from other countries know about the refugee situation in Australia, and what they think of it. I will then look at each comment and say what I think about what they know about the situation, and argue my opinion on the situation.

The reason I'm doing this is we seem to be getting a lot of international criticism about how we are handling our refugees, but I do not feel that our critics have the slightest understanding of the problem.

Also, korgmeister, if I remember correctly you live here. What do you think? It'd be nice to know of another person who shares my viewpoint if you do, but if you don't it'd also be good to hear arguments from the other side.
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