love is eternal (pinkpuffyfluff) wrote in thelogicalparty,
love is eternal


People should be allowed to marry who they love. Straight people marry, though they're not necessarily in love. Why is marriage about men and women instead of about love?

Why is adoption only for two parents of the opposite sex? Shouldn't it be for the couple that is best fit to raise a child, regardless of the sexual orientation of the parents?

Why is it thought that being gay is a choice? I happen to have known a boy to be gay, back when we were too young to know what it was. How could he have chosen to be gay if he didn't know what it was? It certainly wasn't any influence from the outside world... his parents were very conservative and protective of their child.

The reason why I wanted both conservatives and liberals in this group was so that someone could explain to me the conservative/liberal views on some issues. I'm very open to the ideas of others... someone just needs to convince me that they're right. Someone convinced me to be against affirmative action and the new immigration policy (things that liberals usually support,) but on the issue of gay marriage, I am waiting to hear a logical reason to be against it. Anyone?
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